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tv   Wolf  CNN  November 17, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it is 1:00 p.m. here in washington, and 7:00 p.m. in raqqah and around the world, we thank you for joining us. we look at a global manhunt in a widening terror investigation in response to the carnage unleashed by isis in the last 2 1/2 weeks. at least 422 people killed and 629 people wounded and four major isis attacks. the massacre in paris, and suicide bombings in beirut and baghdad and the downing of that the russian air passenger plane. we are following new details. one tof the voices on the video claiming responsibility for the attacks is a known isis member fabian clain, and that is according to russian sources. and now, russia is carrying out more bombings after confirming
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that a bomb brought down that jet plane killing all 224. and prance is vowing revenge. they carried out dozens more raids, and meanwhile, in multiple outlets, tha car has bn found by the eighth attacker, the subject of the flow ball manhunt. nic robertson is standing by with the latest on the investigation, and our justice reporter evan perez is tgoing t be joining us about prior warnings about the suspected s mastermind. and what are you learning, evan? >> the apparent link between the paris attacks, and other terrorists plots center around abdelhamid abaaoud's role. police believe that he was a ring leader in a foiled plot to
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attack police in verviere, and what police have found now is more ominous in the hindsight of the attack. they found weapon, and precursor to the exe ploeives to make the tatp and that is the same chemical found insooide of the suicide vests, and they found a connection of jihad connections from safehouses to back to gree greece. they believe that he faked his own death in syria to travel back and fort to ball -- back and forth to belgium without being discovered, but still, authorities could not stop him. >> and now, evan, you are getting more information on the scope of this, and over to nic, what are you learning?
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>> the investigation has led the police to a hotel room that was used by the attackers, it appears on the night before the attack. and also an apartment they had rented for the week leading up to the attack. syringe syringes were found in the apartment, and not clear if they were used in some way to help make the explosive vests, the suicide vests that the attackers were making, and the vehicle that was discovered on the northern suburb of paris when armed police went door to door, and this is a vehicle with belgian plates by the man on the run, salah abdeslam, and international warrants out for him, and he had rented the vehicle, and today, police went door-to-door with armed sear searchers. but more evidence coming forward about the attack, and the discovery that the audio on the threat by isis yesterday matches
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another french isis suspect f fabien clain who spent time in jail because he was an al qaeda recruiter and left jail and went to syria, and involve and connected to the plot to attack a french church in april of this year. also connected to the attack a gunman on the train from brussels to paris, and that was thwarted with by the three brave americans, one of othem a serviceman who took that attack down. and now, this is targeted outside of france, and another senior figure emerging as a hand and role it appears in the attack, wolf. >> nic robertson, thank you, and evan perez, thank you as well. the french intelligence has confirmed that in russia, a bomb
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did bring down that jet plane killing all 224 people, and most of them russian people. the police say that the 2.2 bomb detonated. that is the size of a small laptop. vladimir putin, the russian president, vowed to the find those responsible. >> translator: the murder of our people in sinai is one of the bloodiest in terms of victims of such crimes. we won't easily wipe away the tears from our hearts and sous.s lit stay forever. but it will not prevent us from finding and punishing the perpetrators. we should not apply any time limits, because we need to the know all of the perpetrators by name. we will search for them everywhere, wherever they are hiding, we will find them on any spot on the planet, and we will punish them. >> and our senior correspondent matthew chance is joipi ijoinin
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live from moscow. the egyptian authorities say they have not come to a conclusion the downing of the plane, so what made russia finally make the determination that a bomb brought down the metrojet plane? >> well, oru shg, sha of course reluctant to make a leap into the terrorist attack, but now russia is indeed confirming it is a bomb. and they said that because of to traces of explosives found on the parts of the fuselage gathered and on the luggage of the passengers as well, they have drmed it was a explosive devi device, and homemade, and as you said, it carried about 2.2 pounds or thabts this explosive tnt. and they are responsible for the deaths of 2224 people. the russian president as we heard there vowing revepg, and already that retribution has
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begun with russia stepping up the air strikes in seer yachlt it has been there for a couple of months carrying out strikes gai against isis and other groups as well, but it is doubling the amount of air strikes. today, strategic long-distance atta attacks. >> and i don't know if you are hearing this in moscow, matthew, that the russians are formally coordinating the airstrikes and giving the u.s. advanced word where these air strikes are heading? >> yes, wolf. u.s. officials told cnn earlier that the russians had coordinated the strike with them, and in other words a head's up so that the forces could avoid the cruise missiles while they struck their targets.
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that is happening. and also a higher degree of coordination taking place with the french. the fact that the attacks of paris have taken place at the same time that the downing of the russian plane has brought the two nations together. in fact, france president will visit russia, and the russian and the french navy are cooperating and coordinating like allies, are the words of the kremlinings as they carry out attacks ins gat isis inside of syria. >> and officials have said to me, that i think that tathey ta word that russia will find the people responsible for the down ing of this plane, and they will pun ush them and not only go after them with a vengeance, but they will find them. and u.s. suspects they will try to kill all of them, but they
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are taking putin at his word. matthew chance in moscow, thank you. let's round up the recap of the last three weeks. nine people are in custody with another attack claimed by isis in beirut in a neighborhood there killing more than 40 people, and last week's bombings targeting a shia neighborhood in southern beirut. lebanese officials say that seven of the suspects arrested are syrian. and as many as 26 people have died in a series of bombings in baghdad carried out, and the largest was a suicide attack that targeted a funeral, and that attack is now being plamed directly on isis. don't miss our special profwram tonight, "deep inside of isis" and what do they want. "blindsided" by fareed zakaria is also going to be a airing tonight at a 9:00 p.m. eastern. after the attacks in paris,
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will the u.s. lawmakers finally agree to vote on this military action? we will auk to the angus king. and maryland is the latest state to say they won't accept syrian refugees. we will look at the brutal debate unfolding, and refusing to accept them is un-american. and tonight, clearly the eiffel tower lit up with the colors of the french flag. and bubbles help enhance the experience. so why just clean your baby, when you can give him so much more? the uncertainties i don't wantof hep c.with or wonder... ...whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni.
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that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. the downing of a russian passenger plane, and two attacks in baghdad and lebanon, and the at a tacks in paris are all the footprint of the isis army. and joining us now is a member of the senate intelligence and
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arm armed is services committee. and now, earlier, senator mike mccaul said that there was a earlier conspiracy that was fought with as many as 20 people involved. what can you tell us about it? >> well, not much doubt about it. because what happens in paris does not happen in a vacuum. people have to be acquiring the passports, and the backgrounds that go into this, and i won't duck your question, wolf, but i am going into the briefing in 20 minutes with the fbi and other members of intelligence community, and we'll know more this afternoon. i would not dispute that it is more than these eight individual s. i don't believe it is hundreds, but the number 20 is reasonable and consistent with what i have been hearing. >> yes, we have as well. and john brennan, the defense
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secretary said that he has no doubt that there are other isis plots in the pipeline and right now red ti to go and presumably against american targets. do you have any reason to doubt what he says? >> no, i believe it is accurate. we know it. again, i know that there are isis people, and by the way, they are not syrian refugees or yemeni refugee, but people who are already here, and in various backgrounds that are waiting for the word. in fact, we have thwarted a number of the plots here, but this is a nightmare scenario, wolf, where it does notn't have a large number of people, and not a lot of planning, and not a lot of communication, and so it is hard to get the information, and maybe one or two people in kansas city or st. louis or san diego who go out to take weapons to the place that is where people gather. that is what is chilling about the french attack, it was not
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against government or military, but against people, and i think that calling them terrorists is sometimes -- because these people are thugs as far as i am concerned. >> and it is not just the fear of the lone wolves or the lone individuals, but this is presumably what the c ixcia joh brennan was alluding to to a a high level group who can attack. >> and we have to keep our guard up on all fronts, and pay attention. one of the more difficult problems to thwart is that you have people in the u.s. self-radicalized online or whatever, and then isis sends out, and we know they do this water errorist apb to say, now is the time to go, and they take up the arms and go after a hard target like the military
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recruiting center the re or a soft target. and the thing is that, wolf, you can't be 100% sure, and we don't want to become a police state, but we have to find the balance between protecting people's security and also not throwing a waway the values that make us wo we are as americans. but i think that people are legitimately worried and concerned. i am too, and i think that we have to look at who we let into the country, and the whole vetting process to make sure it is meet iing the needs of this relatively new threat. >> are you comfortable to let thousands of refugees are from syria into the united states? >> well, i think that if you announce tomorrow that you want to be admitted to the united states, it takes two years to
10:19 am
get here, and it is a long procedure to get here, and the biometric data, and the fingerprints and all of that, and even though there is a 18-month to 2-year period starting now, it takes time to dig into whether this process is adequate to protect our security. and whether we need special precautions from people who are coming from regions of the world that are harboring terrorists. i have been saying for months that people could be infiltrating and terrorists could be infiltrating the refugee group, and we don't know that is what happened in france, but it appears that is the case. so we have to really step back and say, okay, what are the processes that we have in line now, and are they adequate. >> in the wake of the paris attacks, do you believe that congress should finally vote authorizing the legislation to give the president the
10:20 am
department of defense authorization to go to ahead to launch military action gaiagain isis in syria? >> i am smiling, wolf, because to me, it is so obvious. something that we should have done a year ago. tim kaine, myself, and a handful of others have been beating the drum, and just saying, look, this is congress' responsibility, but we are not doing it, wolf. people don't want to take that responsibility. congress is very good at sitting on the sidelines and criticizing, but not very good at saying, okay, this is what we have to do. but the answer is yes, of course, there should be a congressional authorization, and the president sent a proposed a authorization up six months ago, and it has not seen the light of d day. the answer is yes. this is the fundamental constitutional responsibility, and we should undertake it, and get into the debate right away. >> a lot of the lawmakers, democrats and republicans for that matter reluctant to the raise their hand and vote on this, because politically it is going to cause them some pr
10:21 am
problems down the road. at least that is the fear. thank you for joining us, senator. >> last time i looked, wolf, the job is to vote on thing, and hard things as well. >> you don't just vote on the easy issues, you vote on the hard issues, especially when the lives of men and women in u.s. military uniforms are on the line. >> absolutely. >> senator, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. the debate of how the defeat isis is clearly intensifying. could the current u.s. strategy be the best hope for defeating the terrorists? we will discuss that and a whole lot more after the break. families share data. her wie some way to say happy holidays. switch to t-mobile now and get 4 lines with up to 6gb each, and no sharing. just $30 bucks a line. that's 6gb each plus unlimited streaming with binge on. stream netflix, hbo now, hulu, and many more without using data.
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the terrorists? we will discuss that and a whole lot more after the break.
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welcome back to the continuing coverage of the paris attack. the president of france francois biggest known groups associated with terrorism. and now it is complicate and a reminder of some of the reasons why. first, the world is divided over the fate of the syrian president bashar al assad. turkey and others want him sidelined, but russians and others want him to remain in power. and the sunni arabs and turkey don't trust the kurds who they consider to be terrorists. the chaos is fueled by the broader battle between iran and saudi arabia and both of them
10:27 am
trying to flex their muscles in the region. our correspondent nick paton walsh is joining us from irbil in iraq, and also analyst bobby ghosh. nick, you wrote an article, and important article about this, and tell us why it is so come pla -- complicated in the region where you are? >> after the massacre in paris, there is a conversation of what can the west do? is send in ground troops, and that i have attacked us, and send in the military and finish them off as a organization. that is a problem, because it is a region that remembers the disaster of the iraq war, and the inability of the military invasion to administer that country, because colin powell says once you break it, you own it. they were looking for the
10:28 am
obvious ally on the ground and no real one is emerging. you can't a ally with the syrian regime, because they have allies like hezbollah who the u.s. considers to be a terrorist organization. so do you look at the sunni rebellion against bashar al assad? well, the majority might, but it has al qaeda as one of the key groups. the whole group called the army of victory, and that is doing a lot of the amateur regime in the north, but as i say, al qaeda are a substantial part of it. there are moderates, but they are deeply underfunded a tpd kurds are at the natural ally, but they won't sit too well in the sunni areas of north syria where they have to move into the clear out the isis, and so they have to have sunnis in the ranks to trust them. and so you have to look to the east to the iranian militia, but fighting isis now sh, they were fighting the u.s. a years ago when the u.s. had presence there
10:29 am
in iraq. so no obvious ally there on the ground, and that is an issue, and why so many of the out of the box solutions that you are hearing in the stump in the united states or the presidential race don't really hold water when you put them to the mess that is now the battlefield in syria, wolf. >> bobby, you heard president obama go into great length yesterday in the news conference in turkey to try to explain his strategy to degrade an destroy isis. does he have a clear strategy to people in the region right now? do they understand what the u.s. strategy is? >> no, they do not. nobody in the region understands that there is a strategy. there is language and one thing to say, we will degrade isis first and then try to the destroy them, but we are not seeing enough happen on the ground. nick's point is well taken, we don't have a reliable ally there and all of the rules of
10:30 am
traditional conflict are out of the window, and the enemies are not necessarily your friend, and your friend's friend is not your friend. so i do, you know, you have tok a knowledge that for president obama, it is a very complicated landscape, but that is what all of the more reason that people need to see a strategy and plan for them to wrap their heads around. nobody realistically expects the united states to the charge in there willy-nilly or france to come to that with ground troops, but the sense of knowing what they are doing, and that have a plan, that is important, and right now, nobody in the region is seeing that from the u.s. >> and a what about the russians, bobby? are they the going to be responding with a ferocious strike against isis? clearly, the threat delivered by president putin today? >> yes, and we are seeing that, they have doubled the number of strikes they have ordered, and apparently it would appear that they are serious about attacking
10:31 am
isis, and previously, a lot of the attacks were in other parts of the country against non-isis rebels. so there is going to be a number of aerial attacks. and putin has the same problem, they have more boots on the ground, but they are not confronting isis. they are in the military bay bases and directing the operations of the syrian forces. nobody apart from the syrian forces and the syrian rebels, and nobody is directly, none of theest wi-- the western forces have started a ground campaign. we have seen the bombing works, but not enough. isis has territory and they control cities. they have in their minds, that i have a country. that is a problem. >> thank you, nick paton walsh and bobby ghosh.
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more than two dozen states here in the united states are refusing to accept syrian refugees which is part of the backlash of the terrorist attacks in paris. critics say that terroristists could be among the refugees and you can't vet them in advance. donald trump blasted the president's plan to take in new syrian refugees and questioned his sanity. >> refugees are pour into our country from syria, and we don't know who they r and they could be isis or anybody. what is our president doing? is he insane? >> wow. democratic governor jack markel
10:37 am
is here from delaware, and donald trump says that is he insane, and so i suppose he would ask you sh, are you insan? >> the refugees from syria are the most vetted people that come into the country. they are vetted before they come into the atlantic. and for somebody to only say, we should let in the christian, and rewrite what is on the statue of liberty, bring us your poor, and your tired and your huddled masses. is that what we are? i know they are the most carefully reviewed people. >> and there are some members of the homeland security who say that they cannot properly vet these people, and peter king who is on the homeland security
10:38 am
committee and the armed forces committee, he says that there is no way the do it in a perfect way by any means, and if anybody says they are a refugee and not a terrorist, we wouldn't know. >> and many of this em are vulnerab vulnerable, and so many of them are saying that they would not allow in a 5-year-old orphan, and so are the women and the people who are malnourished, and so we have to do the best job of vetting the people from the security standpoint. >> because isis, itself, and the experts say that you have to believe them when they make the threats that isis, themselves, they said that they would plant terrorist m terrorists in the groups of refugees to go into the united states and europe and elsewhere to kill the infidels. >> at any point when the people who are doing the review, and certainly starting with the president who i know that his
10:39 am
number one concern is keeping the people of this country safe, if they determine that they can't be sure who they are letting them in, they will stop letting the people in. and the idea to carte blanche reject people from syria, and most of the folks involved in paris are french and belgian, and so do we reject the people from france or belgian? >> well, one or two of them was a french or belgian national, and that is raising all of the concerns right now. how many syrian refugees have you accept sod far into delaware? >> none directly. and three families who have come in from other states in more than a year. >> and the people of delaware there, and if you say a few hundred, and i don't know how many you are willing to take, but a few hundred, would they be happy with you? >> well, the feedback is mixed. a lot of people who are against it, but the more we can explain the security process, the vetting process, and again, what this is goinging the say about
10:40 am
us as a people if we are going to be saying carte blanche that we are not going to be taking anybody from a particular region, but the number one priority is to keep our people safe. >> thank you governor jack markell and the people of delaware as well. we have breaking news right now that we ar-- now that we ar just getting in from rene marsh, and what is this? some boston-bound plane has problems? >> exactly right. we are working to get all of the details. but this is what we know so far. we mow that a passenger had to be restrained while the flight was in the air. it was a boston-bound british airways flight, and minutes ago the plane touched down from british airways, and we have learned that they have asked for the police to meet the plane on the tarmac there, because they have some concerns about an unruly passenger.
10:41 am
now massachusetts police telling cnn and tweeting out that this individual tried to rush the cockpit door. however, again, because this is so early, as far as the information coming in, we are getting some conflicting information, because the faa saying it is not the cockpit door but the exit door, and any way you put it, unruly passenger who is doing something that they should haven't been doing, and this person had to be restrained, and you are looking at images right now, and i believe they are live, there in boston, and i believe that police, you should see them momentarily, but a they have been called to the aircraft to deal with the passenger. that is all we know at this point, wolf. but you know that with the climate of things occurring now, especially with the aviation world, everybody is on edge. we have seen a number of cases over the last couple of days in which crews have called and asked for police assistance when they think that thing s as are
10:42 am
looking quite right. we don't know what the situation was many this instance, and of course, we know that police will when they remove this individual, that will have a lot of questions for the person to get to the bottom of the what their intention was, but in this climate, needless to say, everybody is on edge, especially when it comes to aviation, wolf. >> and this british airways flight, and we arerare showing viewers the pictures of the plane. where did it originate? >> from london's heathrow airport, and originated from europe bound for boston and british airways flight, and the airline is confirm iing to us tt the crew was concerned about an unruly passenger, and they have asked for the police to meet this aircraft on the ground. so, you know, if these are indeed live pictures in realtime here, we should start to see the
10:43 am
police presence at some point as they get this unruly pas ssenge off of the aircraft and make sure that everybody is okay on board? all right. you will get more information, rene, and we will check in with you. thank you very much. we will take to a quick break and much more news after this. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections,
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this is cnn breaking news. >> getting more information now on the disturbing story out of boston's logan international airport where a british airways flight has just landed from london. rene marsh, our aviation correspondent is joining us. rene, a passenger that is
10:48 am
causing some considerable concern. >> yes, that is information that we have so far, wolf, that there was an unruly passenger, and that is the exact wording from the airliner british airways. we are learning from the authorities here, aviation a authorities that it was the exit door, and despite what massachusetts police is putting out, we are hearing that it was the exit door that this individual was trying to get out of. this is all while the plane was mid-air, and that is problematic. we do know that the individual was detained, and because the crew was uneasy with this person's actions, they have asked for police to meet this aircraft on the tarmac. we are looking at the live images there. so, you know, it is a little bit far with the news chopper, but if they have not arrived yet, they should be arriving soon, and the process would be to remove this person from the aircraft, and then police would
10:49 am
essentially want to question this person, and what is their intention. we want to point out that the producers here have been listening to the air traffic control sound which is the pilots communicating with the air traffic control tower, and at first listen, there is no indication that the pilot called for the emergency landing. and no discussion about diverting the plane. it was a normal landing which happened roughly about 30 minutes ago. so it was a normal landing as far as the air traffic control tapes suggest. so that is what we know. now, what was this person otrying to do? we don't know, but we know in the current climate that we are in, an unruly passenger mid-air is a recipe for concern, and that is why we are seeing the reaction that we are seeing. and you know, even if we weren't in the climate that we are in, anybody trying to rush the exit
10:50 am
door or the cockpit door is a problem, and so the authorities will want to get to bottom of what is going on here, wolf. >> all right. they don't want to take any chances. thank you, rene. president obama did not hold back when he defend ed the plan to accept thousands of syrian >> when i hear folks say that maybe with we should just admit the christians but not the muslims, when i hear political leaders suggesting that there would be a religious test, that's shameful. that's not american. it's not who we are. >> i'll ask the ohio governor john kasich, republican presidential candidate, for his reaction and if he believes president obama is wrong. stay with us.
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we're getting more. breaking news into cnn. today's germany and netherlands soccer game has been cancelled at hanover stadium. it's being evacuated. police say all the people, the fans at the stadium have been asked to leave calmly. they are citing security concerns. there were terrorists outside. the french president was in. the stadium at the time. we're going to get more information. let's discuss what's going on with the governor of ohio john
10:56 am
kasich, republican presidential candidate. governor kasich, when you hear these reports of what's going on in europe right now, you have to assume god forbid this could happen in the united states as well. >> wolf, i made a comprehensive speech today on foreign policy. one of the things that's clear is that the west, our friends in nato along with our friends in. the middle east who share our values, whether it's the jordanians, egyptians, gulf states, we need to go together in a coalition and we need to destroy isis where they exist. if that means boots on the ground, which it certainly will, we need to do it. when i hear reports like this, it brings to mind two critical areas. one, the need to act quickly to destroy isis. two, to continue to share intelligence and beef up intelligence cooperation, particularly with the western powers. in addition to that, we could move even more quick ly to
10:57 am
institute a no-fly zone to provide a a sanction ware for people in syria, project u.s. power into the region, these are the things we need to do. and the west has to understand delay negotiation not moving quickly is you're either going to pay me now or pay me a lot later if we don't beef up intelligence and promote our ideas and values worldwide. >> the president yesterday said deploying thousands of troops to seyria, for example, would be a mistake. . what do you do after wards? it would only antagonize people in syria as the deployment of u.s. troops in iraq did. what do you say to the president? >> i fundamentally disagree with the fact that we can just wait this out and things are going well. wolf, we should not just go alone. we should be there with our nato allies, with the turks, with the saudis and form a coalition to
10:58 am
destroy isis, wherever they exist, particularly in iraq and syria. . we have to move and we have to move quickly. we wouldn't be there alone. frankly, the whole world is understanding the threat to those who believe in the rights of human beings, in. free speech, the right to gather, freedom of religion. even our friends in the middle east understand that they are under attack. our friends in nato also understand that we are absolutely under attack. e we can't deal with this just with intelligence alone. we have to go to the heart of the problem, which is isis itself. once that is done or as it's being done, wolf, look, the values of the western ethic, which has served us for centuries, needs to be put out there. i'm calling for an agency to begin to communicate what the west believes in so people who are confused don't seek radicalism to try to figure out meaning in life because the
10:59 am
western ethic advances life. that we all are supposed to live a life u greater than ourselves. it needs to be taken around the world. >> we're just getting word that the office of the german chancellor has now confirmed she was due to attend that game at han hanover germany. the deputy chancellor, justice minister, all high level visitors as well. that stadium has been evacuated. other news organizations are reporting out of security concerns. this follows what happened at that soccer game in paris the other night. unfortunately, governor, because of the breaking news we have to leave it on that note. we'll continue these conversations down the road. governor kasich of ohio, thank you for joining us. that's it for me. our special coverage of the war against isis will continue.
11:00 am
right now we're following all of these developments, what's going on in germany, what's going on in paris, lots of news unfold ing now. stay with us. cnn is all over all of the breaking news. wolf, thank you so much. i'm brooke baldwin live here in new york. >> and i'm jake tapper in paris, france. we're going to begin this hour with breaking news. . a flight originating in london on its way to boston has just landed over issues apparently having to do with an unruly passenger. let's go to renee marsh to find out more about this. what can you tell us so far. >> we know that just minutes ago, roughly 30 minutes ago this flight british airways from london bound for boston landed there. we know that police met this aircraft once